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Warriors since time have been given certain praises. They have always been seen as people who are brave, skilled and confident. In the present days, there are some unsung warriors. The battle fields being just as challenging and the fights being dynamic. These warriors are of course the freelancers.

With the evolving trends in the market there has been a sudden increase of individuals who prefer being self-employed and not necessarily committed to a particular employer on a long-term basis. These freelancers like warriors face all odds. The passion they possess makes them more capable and powerful to fulfill their vision and make victory theirs.

To become a freelancer, an individual should have a high level of self-motivation and courage. Unlike popular beliefs, to be successful a freelancer needs to invest more time than an employee in a structured organization. In most cases a freelancer starts off on his own because a different idea or vision. Thus, making them torch bearers to a…