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How to land your first project

You quit your job and have decided to become a freelancer. You chose not to enter another organization where you are just going to be one of the million employees. You are all ready to be your own boss. Working on timings that are convenient to you. And most importantly offer your services to the market in a way you know is best suited. But hold on a second, how are you going to land your first project?

Freelancing is the best workstyle. But it is also a bit tricky in the beginning. You may be the best in the field, offering services that no one else can. But, no one knows you or what you have to offer. A client will not be willing to risk their business in the hands of a new freelancer. You need to have something to show them. So, creating a Profile and Portfolio is a must. The profile should consist of all your qualifications and what you can offer your clients. The portfolio is to show them what all you have done in the past successfully so clients will be willing to trust you. This becomes the challenge that a new freelancer faces. Which comes with a quick solution. Instead of losing hope, a new freelancer can always work on projects and add something to their portfolio. How? You ask. Well it’s simple. Instead of waiting for a client and getting disappointed, you can just work on a project of your own. This way you will be able to highlight your skills to the client and have something to convince them with. Working on your own project has multiple benefits. On one hand, you are creating something to show your clients and also not losing touch with your skills.

While working on your project make sure you continue to network with people in your field. This will keep you updated with the advances your field is making and also give opportunities to get clients. You need to be present in the digital networking platforms like LinkedIn, Behance, etc. Make sure you have an updated profile in these platforms and the fact that they highlight that you are a freelancer. You can also follow potential clients and comment on the posts they share.

Ever thought of working out of a co-working space?

Instead of sitting by yourself at home and trying to find projects, there is a faster and more efficient way. Co-working Spaces! They offer you everything you need for a minimal cost. Working from home may be economical but the advantages you get by working out of a co-working space are many. By choosing to work from a co-working space, a new freelancer opens an array of opportunities. They get a chance to sit in a professional setting while at work. They also get to interact with other freelancers and get an understanding of how they started. Some co-working spaces have events on a regular basis, which the freelancers can attend and network. You can use the help of the co-working space to land your first project as these spaces are used by other small and medium sized companies. Most spaces have coworking community teams which would help you make contacts willingly. By being amongst like-minded people, it becomes easier for a freelancer to ideate and get inspiration from. Your first client is someone who usually comes through reference. So, make sure you connect to the people in the various circles you are part of and engage with them offer to do some part of the work for no cost and then when it turns into regular work start charging them.

Landing your first project could be rather slow and you may find it difficult. But this is just beginning trouble. Do not decide to quit just cause of this. Have faith and patience in everything you do. Once you land your first project the opportunities waiting for you on the other side are countless.


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