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Working ways of a Freelancer

A lot on your mind because you are new to the world of freelancing? or have you been in
the space for a while and are juggling projects? The life of a freelancer is a bit complex. On one hand, you have to single-handedly execute the various projects you have accepted and at the same time look out for new ones. Luckily there are a few ways you can make the entire process a lot smoother.

The first step in this is having an updated profile and portfolio which you can send to your
clients at any point. Make sure your profile covers your relevant achievements as well as the latest projects and clients you have worked with. Your qualifications in the profile need to highlight what makes you a good choice for the clients. The portfolio you present to your clients is very crucial, as it helps make up the client’s mind of whether they want to work with you or not. Make sure you keep the portfolio as diverse as possible. Use the portfolio as a way of presenting the wide range of skills you possess.

Just having a perfect profile and portfolio does not do the trick. It is very important for you
to be present on the various digital platforms so your profile and portfolio can be viewed and seen by potential clients. Unlike earlier times, the digital era has made the lives of freelancers simple. Having your profile and portfolio on platforms like LinkedIn and Behance increase the chances of you being found by potential clients. You need to know which platforms your clients are on and make your presence felt there. By following various potential clients on the digital platforms, you will know the advances they make and the requirements they have. Thus, increasing your chances of working with them.

Metropolitan cities in the current days provide freelancers with new ways of interacting
with clients. There are various seminars and events which get like-minded people and organizations together to discuss their advances and needs. This creates an ideal opportunity for freelancers to interact with their potential clients on a face to face basis. When attending these seminars, it is important for the freelancers to have a strategy in mind to attract the clients they wish.

Once a client has shown interest in the freelancer’s work and made contact. The next step
is writing a proposal. When writing a proposal, a freelancer has to be very clear. The freelancer needs to get in the mind of the client. The clients will have many questions, which need to be answered in the proposal. It is important to focus on how the problem is going to be solved and the deliverables which are going to be provided. While addressing the same, the freelancer also has to highlight on why it is a good choice to work together and the various benefits the client will receive.

Charging a client is another crucial step. The quotation sent must be considered as value
for money, from the client’s perspective. The best way to this , is by studying the market trend and then coming up with quotes. Quoting too much can cost a client, but quoting too less just so the freelancer can get the project will have its own backlashes.

After the client is on-board and the project has started, it is important for the freelancer to
stick to all the commitments made. From providing the services the two parties had agreed upon, to sticking to deadlines. The freelancer must maintain a good relationship with the client. This ensures a smooth flow of the project as well as increases the chances of working together in the future.
A freelancer should always be excited to take up new projects and execute them. While this
is just the tip of the iceberg, these simple steps can make freelancers successful. They increase the efficiency, and this in return make freelancers look more confident and reliable to clients. All resulting in the freelancer being able to reach his goals and become more established and successful in a competitive world.  

“The only way to do great work is to love what you do… Don’t Settle”
- Steve Jobs


  1. Great profiles & portfolios get you validation for potential customers
  2. Digital presence is key as that is the primary way people look for work and people to  work on projects.
  3. Seminars, Meetups & Events are a great way to network and find projects
  4. Detailed and well thought out proposals showcase your understanding to your  customers and also safeguards you from potential pitfalls.
  5. Right price for the right customer increases potential.
  6. Maintaining commitments is key to success for a long term success.
And many more finer details.... Keep watching this space for tips, techniques and information about freelancing.

( Credits: Author: Vishrutha Venkatesh from VivifyIdea
Image Credits: Stock photos from Pexels & Pixabay )


  1. Excellent loved it
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