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Testing the Freelance Waters

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‘I’m a freelancer!’ say many people nowadays. But what exactly does it take to be a freelancer? Are you curious to see if you would make a good freelancer? Or whether you can hold your present job while working as a freelancer? Well we are here to answer your queries.

Freelancing is catching momentum and becoming a sorted working style by many individuals. A lot of them are curious and want to freelance but don’t want to take the risk of quitting their regular jobs and make the drastic shift of becoming a freelancer as this would affect their lifestyle. But what if we were to tell you that there is no need for you to give up your regular job to freelance? Would that catch your attention? Well, there are many people who do so. As long as the services you provide as a freelancer do not interfere/ conflict with your everyday job, or you haven’t signed a contract which denies you from working/ providing your services elsewhere. You can freelance while holding your everyday job. However, before taking this move, we suggest that you speak to the Legal/ H.R. team and make sure there is no such clause in your contract that denies you from doing so. Otherwise it can be seen as unethical and you can have legal liabilities. You can test the waters by starting to freelance part-time and slowly dive deeper and switch to freelancing full-time. 

When looking into the world of freelancing you will notice that there are different ways of freelancing. Some who freelance full-time and have made this their main source of income. Others who freelance part-time and get additional income from the services they are providing. And few others who have converted their hobbies into freelancing and thus do it only for the joy of it. All these individuals finding different kind of content and break from their monotonous daily lives. So, take the first step! As the biggest risk is not taking any risk!


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