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Controlling the Changes

Deciding to leave work early after completing the project you have been breaking your back on for the past month? Not so fast! You still need to receive a mail from the client’s end with all the modifications they want you to make. A project is never completed without the regular drill of accommodating all the changes a client wants in the project.

Before dwelling into this topic, you first need to understand the difference between things you get wrong in a project and the client asks to fix versus changes the client asks to make. The first being your duty to take care of and solve, and the second being an extra service you provide to the client to maintain a good relationship. When dealing with clients it is very important for you as freelancers to know which is an issue and which is a change. As there are many cases where clients can convince you otherwise. This they do primarily because of lack of clarity on their end and sometimes to also make profits at your expense.


Blog Series Episode 5: Freelancer's Life in a Tweet! -- Change Control

(Please note: The tweets shown above are not real)