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Warriors since time have been given certain praises. They have always been seen as people who are brave, skilled and confident. In the present days, there are some unsung warriors. The battle fields being just as challenging and the fights being dynamic. These warriors are of course the freelancers.

With the evolving trends in the market there has been a sudden increase of individuals who prefer being self-employed and not necessarily committed to a particular employer on a long-term basis. These freelancers like warriors face all odds. The passion they possess makes them more capable and powerful to fulfill their vision and make victory theirs.

To become a freelancer, an individual should have a high level of self-motivation and courage. Unlike popular beliefs, to be successful a freelancer needs to invest more time than an employee in a structured organization. In most cases a freelancer starts off on his own because a different idea or vision. Thus, making them torch bearers to a new line of thought and pursue a different approach leading to innovations.

The present era is a time which encourages freelancers, as they have been witness to the benefits which they bring to our markets. A lot of industries hire freelancers and encourage them to choose a path less traveled. We can see this trend across markets right from Technology to Humanities. Thus, inspiring many to consider freelancing over working in fixed roles in an organization.

Freelancers face a lot of struggles both internally and externally. Unlike employees in structured organizations, it is very rare for them to find someone else in their path and get the mentoring they need to make progress. There is a humongous pressure of being their own boss on a daily basis. They need to keep a lot of processes in check, from managing the workload to keeping track of time and keeping up with market trends. Freelancers need to play all the roles of their organization, as they are the organization. While freelancing requires one to overcome these struggles the benefits outweigh the issues and with a structured approach any freelancer can be successful. The increase in the number of freelancers create its own demands and requirements. Some being fulfilled and others, yet in the ideation stages.

The impact freelancing has on the markets is phenomenal. It is believed that this working style is going to be adopted by our society. Freelancing not only empowers the individuals but also the organizations and finally the markets as a whole. The freelancers getting a variety, and the organizations on the other hand getting the most suitable individuals on the project. There are also financial benefits for both ends. The empowerment provided by freelancing will be valued by all the stakeholders and soon become a way of life.


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