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Interview Series #3: An Organization's perspective | Karn's Profile: “A well written proposal shows us that the freelancer is meticulous, detail oriented and organized.” Writing a good proposal is crucial to both parties- The freelancer and the company they want to work with. Karn Malhotra the founder of Exit Design and Outlined, throws some light on working with freelancers from a company’s side and what companies look for while hiring freelancers.

TL: Have you worked with freelancers in the past?

KM: I have worked with freelancers over a period of time. At least for around 15 years or so. Presently a lot of our work happens with freelancers or collaborators. Today they are a very key component of operations, customer engagement or quality of delivery. I also run another startup called Outlined which is why working with reliable freelancers who deliver quality work is very essential and important for the smooth functioning of both my companies.

TL: How …


Are you a new freelancer? Have you cracked the code to getting a potential client interested in the services you have to offer? Well congratulations! It takes a lot of skill to make people want to work with you. There are a lot of basics you need to do right to convert their interest and strike a deal.

The first step is giving them a proposal. A proposal is a detailed report of the unique services you are going to be offering the clients. Make sure that when you write a proposal you highlight the fact that you have a good understanding of your potential clients. Define the client’s requirements in the proposal clearly.

Writing a good proposal is very important. Why you ask? In a proposal, there are a set of commitments you are making to the clients. Writing a good proposal ensures clarity in the deal you are trying to strike with your clients. You are putting down all the knowledge you possess about the deal. Therefore, keep in mind that it is important that you state everything clea…

Blog Series Episode 2: Freelancer's Life in a Tweet! -- Writing Proposals

(Please note: The tweets shown above are not real)

Interview Series #2: When opportunity knocks

Check out Vishrutha's Profile “My first project was creating my own brand”
‘Freelancing’ is assumed to be an easy walk of life by many. We chose to chat with a freelancer, who is relatively new to this choice. Vishrutha Venkatesh, an advertising professional who founded Vivify, gives her take on the issues a freelancer faces on an everyday basis.

TL: Can you give us a little bit about your background in freelancing?

VV: I am relatively fresh to the world of freelancing. I have been in this space only for 8 months. Before this, I worked in an Ad agency as a designer. I have some exposure in the various media fields. I chose to become a freelancer as I felt that my job was getting rather monotonous.

TL: How has your journey been so far?

VV: To be truthful, it has been challenging. Especially in the beginning. After I quit my job and started working as a freelancer, the first few months were rather slow. I joined a co-working space thanks to someone’s suggestion. But even after that, it …

How to land your first project

You quit your job and have decided to become a freelancer. You chose not to enter another organization where you are just going to be one of the million employees. You are all ready to be your own boss. Working on timings that are convenient to you. And most importantly offer your services to the market in a way you know is best suited. But hold on a second, how are you going to land your first project?

Freelancing is the best workstyle. But it is also a bit tricky in the beginning. You may be the best in the field, offering services that no one else can. But, no one knows you or what you have to offer. A client will not be willing to risk their business in the hands of a new freelancer. You need to have something to show them. So, creating a Profile and Portfolio is a must. The profile should consist of all your qualifications and what you can offer your clients. The portfolio is to show them what all you have done in the past successfully so clients will be willing to trust you. Th…

Blog Series Episode 1: Freelancer's Life in a Tweet! -- Landing the first project

(Please note: The tweets shown above are not real)

Freelancer of the Month: Sabir Ahmed

You can find Sabir's Profile @ LinkedIn & Upwork “In freelancing the ‘Free’ or the ‘Freedom’ comes with Discipline!” -- Sabir Ahmed, Founder of Inspizen
In a time when freelancing is becoming the talk of the town and across industries. We had a chat with a freelancing professional, Sabir Ahmed who is the Founder of Inspizen. He has been freelancing for three years and was excited to give us his perspective on this young and dynamic workstyle of freelancing.
TL: Why did you choose to become a Freelancer?

SA: When I first entered the industry, I took up a corporate job. I joined a company which designed apps. It all seemed very exciting but I soon felt that my co-workers lacked motivation and were being complacent in their job roles. The company I worked for was mainly driven in making money and not creating new ideas and solutions. Thus, I stepped out of the world of corporate jobs and entered the world of freelancing.

TL: How has your freelancing journey been like?

SA: To be truthfu…

Working ways of a Freelancer

A lot on your mind because you are new to the world of freelancing? or have you been in
the space for a while and are juggling projects? The life of a freelancer is a bit complex. On one hand, you have to single-handedly execute the various projects you have accepted and at the same time look out for new ones. Luckily there are a few ways you can make the entire process a lot smoother.
The first step in this is having an updated profile and portfolio which you can send to your
clients at any point. Make sure your profile covers your relevant achievements as well as the latest projects and clients you have worked with. Your qualifications in the profile need to highlight what makes you a good choice for the clients. The portfolio you present to your clients is very crucial, as it helps make up the client’s mind of whether they want to work with you or not. Make sure you keep the portfolio as diverse as possible. Use the portfolio as a way of presenting the wide range of skills y…